Salmon & Queso Toast

(4-6 servings / Prep. time: 10 mins.)


8 slices Whole wheat baguette

1 pk (10 oz) El Mexicano® Queso Casero® or Cremoso, crumbled

1 packet Smoked Salmon

1 Lemon

2 tbsps. Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Sea salt and ground black pepper to taste

Avocado and Cilantro for garnish

Preparation Method

1. Prepare smoked salmon by placing salmon on a plate and squeezing lemon juice on top. Drizzle olive oil and season with salt and pepper to taste. Allow salmon to marinate for at least 5 minutes.

2. In a bowl, crumble Queso Casero® or Cremoso and set aside. Place the whole wheat baguette slices into a toaster and toast enough to get a soft crisp. Remove and layer marinated smoked salmon on top followed by crumbled queso. Repeat until all baguette slices are prepared. Garnish with cilantro leaves and avocado… enjoy!