Refried Bean & Grilled Cotija Cheese Tacos

My favorite day of the week! You know why? Because it’s Taco Tuesday!! I love Tacos they are the easiest way of getting a mouthful of yumminess! Today I share these savory refried bean & queso tacos. I used El Mexicano® refried beans, queso Cotija with corn tortillas and a side of mild green Salsa Taquera 😉 I decided to throw the Cotija on the grill to bring out its delicious flavor. The best thing about Cotija is that it is so versatile, it can be used fresh, grilled or fried! Cotija has a strong salty flavor so if you are trying to cut down on the sodium I suggest you sub Cotija for some queso Panela which can also be grilled and has a lower sodium content. My favorite way of eating it is crumbled fresh on top of a delicious fresh Kale Caesar salad or simply grilled and put into a tacos like these. Sometimes the easiest things are the most delicious! How do you like your tacos?! 🙂

8 Corn Tortillas

1 can Refried Beans

1  packet (10oz) Queso Cotija, cut length wise slices to grill

Salsa Taquera

Tacos de Frijoles dorados

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